Friday, 10 May 2013

The Changing Mind

The blog's been lying fallow for a while. I've started post after post but never finished enough to publish, until I realised recently that something has been gestating.  Like the spring-blooming bulbs it needed its cold time, in the quiet underground.

My natal Mercury progressed into Pisces last year and my mental processes are reforming. For a long time I thought the problem was a continuous series of Saturn transits, but during the recent Pisces stellium the answer floated quite unexpectedly into's not a problem that needs fixing, it's a matter of attunement to a new frequency.

The feeling is one of infinite void.....of drifting in a primordial soup, aware of potentialities not yet incarnate, unable to pinpoint anything, just being. It asks for passivity..... instead of reaching out for notions the mind waits, and nets them as they pass..... dreamcatching. No reason, pure rhyme. A realm where notes arise and fall away again.

That's the beauty of progressions...... immersion in the experience of the hitherto unknown. And the understanding of another that brings. Isn't that why we study astrology?

Word don't seem enough. Pictures, music make more sense. So much is unspoken....words seem to obscure meaning.  I look at a birthchart, at this two dimensional map and am stunned at the many dimensional complexity of the human being it sketches. I have to find a new approach, a new expression.

Hence the silence.

It's a little like this.......

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  1. that was quite timely, even if i am a bit late to it. thank you, that helped.