Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Famous Grand Trine and the Reality of Transcendence

Henri Matisse, Dance

I think many of us have been expecting great things to happen with this Grand Trine. I've heard people wondering why the expected-amazing hasn't appeared in their life.

 But the planets involved are all in water signs, the element of emotion - Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. Checking what has been flowing through your feeling life will  give you a truer appreciation of its effect than looking outside. Any events will be secondary, I think, coming as a consequence of what has been moving, settling or emerging internally.

Have you noticed the upsurge of polarisation in the world these last few years? It's hard to miss if you dip into the pond of public opinion at all. We seem to be losing the idea of common ground and live and let live - instead both liberal and conservative engage in pillory and hatred, believing they alone have right on their side.  And everyone is getting more and more personally involved. Reason hasn't just left the building, it's gone walkabout, and if you display any kind of detached view you're accused of not caring, an emotionally inept alien. No discussion or exploration allowed, take sides or get zapped.  It's all very frustrating for anyone of an Aquarian bent. Sorry, I mean emotionally inept alien. 

This rare Grand Trine configuration gives us the opportunity to anchor ourselves in the transcendent, wherever it falls in our chart, and particularly where it aspects any natal planets. A chance to rise above the melee, see the bigger picture and leave difference behind, based in the knowing that at core we are all the same, we are of  the same root and we all need the same nourishment. Check your ego at the door, this is about what benefits the whole human organism, of which the individual is a part, not the entirety. The message of Neptune in Pisces.

Polarisation causes separation and isolation. Hardness, pain, avoidance and defence. Saturn in Scorpio has been making us face the reality of how we use, abuse and deny our power. Do we bully others, or do we retreat into resentment. How can we harness our power to the service of something higher than ego? It's tough and often painful, especially for the Neptune in Scorpio generation who have a blind spot about power. But with Saturn trining Neptune, we can allow that hardness, those walls, those fears to dissolve. And  Jupiter exalted in Cancer is allowing birth into something new. Allowance being the key.

The aspect is just past exactitude, but will be within orb for the rest of the week. So try if you can to be still for a while, allow whatever has been going on in your feeling life the last few days to just be. Don't resist anything, let it all flow.  And you'll find something is germinating now, at this full moon.

For myself, the Grand Trine is falling in my 2nd, 6th and 10th houses, conjunct my natal Moon, Jupiter, Chiron and Pallas. A series of recent events has been pulling the scab off an old wound and I really, really wanted to fire on the person who caused it. But it might have meant a public (10th) spat which would have affected work (6th) that I am trying to engage with. I weighed up the relative value (2nd) of the possible action and the effect on my resources, financial and emotional. I decided the angst wasn't worth it and to let it go. Why blow up your life just to get vengeance, or prove that you're right? (A good Saturn in Scorpio lesson).

And the angst disappeared. (Neptune) I was happy (Jupiter) again. And I suddenly became aware that it wasn't just the other person who was at fault, I had to take some responsibility for what happened. (Saturn).

 In the grand scheme of things it really didn't matter. What does matter is the maintenance of my own integrity (Saturn), and my ability to stay attuned to the flow of imagination (Neptune) that is nurturing my expansion (Jupiter).

Get the idea? :)

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