Monday, 21 October 2013

Van the Free Man : Jupiter in Cancer

Van Morrison
So it seems The Oul' Grump is to be given the Freedom of Belfast, his hometown (and mine). Hooray!

Although I have no idea what it actually means to be given the Freedom of a city (something to do with grazing rights and defending the gates?) it does sound pretty impressive.  And he's performing a free concert in Belfast in November on the night of the conferment, a shrewd move on the part of the City Council, some of whom were a bit worried he wouldn't turn up to the ceremony. Given his reputation. Grumpy.

Anyway, Freedom of Belfast, free concert, has to be Jupiter, right? Yep. Check out his chart. The timing is sublime. I've set the transits for the night of the concert, November 15th.

Van has the Moon, North Node, Ascendant and Saturn all in Cancer, the sign ruling home and motherland, and his Sun and Jupiter in the 4th house of roots,  aspecting that Moon and North Node.

The announcement of the Honour came as Jupiter, the planet of, well, honour, crossed his Ascendant, so presumably discussions and decisions had been ongoing in private as it hit his 12th house Moon and NN.  On the night of the concert Jupiter will be conjunct his Saturn, and Pluto and Venus will be conjunct right on his Descendant, trining his Sun. There's going to be some powerful love coming at him from his people that night.

Transiting Neptune is conjunct his Midheaven and trining his Moon - as the Mayor of Belfast said recently:

'It will be a very special occasion and will live long in the memory of those in attendance. The term living legend is too loosely thrown around these days but there is no doubting Van Morrison's eligibility for such status due to his incredible talent as a songwriter, musician and vocalist.'

Legend. Absolutely. To say nothing of the amount he's given back to his City over the years.

Tickets for the event are by lottery for the people of Belfast. How much more Jupiter in Cancer could it be? Freebies and Freedom for the people, by the people. Times like this I wish I still lived there. Ah well. Have a listen to this instead:)

Note to self: Must do a piece on his chart sometime. 'I know why the grumpy man sings'.

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