Friday, 11 October 2013

Venus in Sagittarius : Defying Definition

 Rene Magritte, Venus in Sagittarius
Q: How do you piss off Venus in Sagittarius?

A: Ask them what they do.

And if you really want rid of them, next time they are expounding their latest theory stare at them and say ' Is that a Buddhist thing or what?'  Just see how fast they hightail out of there.

 Venus in Sagittarius defies categorisation and will not be pinned down. Life for them is about ever expanding knowledge and the understanding of absolutely everything, in which the journey itself is more important than the arrival. Once they get to a place, they stop to have a look around, see what there is to learn, then head off towards the horizon to see what's over there. It could be the holy grail and if they stay where they are they'll miss the opportunity.

This of course gets them a bad reputation in matters of love, where culturally we are expected to find one person and settle down. To commit. Well yes. The word commit also applies to sin and to crime. And to loony bins.  Venus in Sagittarius however, recognises that there are more things on heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy, and this applies to all matters Venusian.

See, Venus isn't really about love.  Venus also rules values, money, women, possessions and more than anything else, Venus describes what we are attracted to. A limited view (says Sagittarius) defines attraction as person to person.  But we are every one of us attracted to all sorts of things - reading, gardening, travelling, working, movies, sports, astrology, psychology, freedom, frogs. Whatever takes your fancy is Venus in action.

The word 'commit' is itself interesting. It's from the Latin meaning 'to put together'. And this is actually what Sagittarius is forever doing - putting the pieces together to see what it all means. Taking them apart to see what they're really made of. Searching for undiscovered pieces. Trying new configurations to see what happens. Life for them is an ever moving diagram. So Sagittarius is actually very committed, committed to expanding perception. It's commitment to a process rather a state.

When Venus is in Sagittarius we are in a period of looking at what we've got and finding the pieces that fit with what we want, where we are headed. While Venus was in Scorpio we dug deep and threw out what we didn't want. When Venus moves into Capricorn we start building for the future.

 So now is the time to consider all your pieces and where they fit in your scheme. Play with ideas, push the boundaries, have some fun and let yourself expand into potentials you hadn't noticed before. Or were too scared to consider before. Think about designing a new improved scheme. Or a completely different one altogether. Why stick to one idea? The keyword here is POSSIBILITY. Look at what exists, then look at what you can do with it. And when Venus moves into Capricorn (6th November) you can start making it real.

Oh yes. So what kind of question should you ask Venus in Sagittarius?

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments:)


  1. i know christmas-born venus in sagittarius. i remember her telling me oneday a very long time ago that she suspected she would - wanted to - have a family and settle down in the same area she'd grown up in.

    well, she has, with a few twists and severe bumps - head-on collisions, actually - along the way. (so far as i can tell anyway.)

    i'd ask her about her "bucket list" - IF she had one - but i just don't know how such a query would be received.

    she is devout and has had her faith tested, severely. i suspect much of that sagittarian exploratory drive has been directed deeply inward.


  2. Excellent question - I think you'd discover a lot about her with that one. Great to see you, Bob:)