Thursday, 15 May 2014

Under the Scorpio Moon

It's been a wet and misty day here in the west of Ireland, and you can't see the moon for the clouds. Invisible though it is, this moon in its fullness destabilises and shreds. Under a Scorpio full moon whatever we've been hiding comes back to haunt us.  Tonight especially, with the moon conjunct Saturn, lord of time and of karma. Mars is retrograding over the same degrees on which Saturn was retrograde this time three years ago, and I'd bet good money I'm not the only one seeing things left undone then coming back to bite.

Those of us born early to late sixties have this Moon Saturn conjunction hitting our collective Neptune...and it can feel like a bucket of cold water being poured over our cosy dreams and fantasies. Or if we've been good boys and girls we're finding dreams becoming reality. Probably a bit of both, if truth be told.

 Scorpio is the Phoenix, burning itself down to create anew, and this emergence into new life and growth is Taurus, the opposite end of the axis. The Taurus Sun is lighting the parts of our life where we want to begin again, fresh and vigorous, but the Scorpio Moon is churning up issues that must be cleared first. And Saturn is standing there, urging caution. Sometimes the best way is not to rake over and keep trying to sort the old stuff, but to find an entirely new way of doing things. Weigh your options and use Neptune to help you imagine other possibilities. And expect some resistance from those around you.

Despite the fact that the Moon is said to be in  fall in Scorpio, it's certainly not weak. Scorpio is an immensely powerful sign, and the Scorpio Moons amongst us are some of the most supportive and loyal people around. It's that they feel so much, so deeply they often have difficulty chanelling those feelings and can become swamped. So they have to go off and get obsessed with something or someone and use up the energy.

I've spent ten hours today non-stop researching something I think could help me sidestep the wolf that's snapping at my heels. My elderly neighbour who called round in the middle of all this thinks I'm a bit bonkers. Wait, think, you might regret.....

Well hell. I'm a Scorpio Moon. Bring on the fire.

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