Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Saturn in Sagittarius - nailing your feet to the floor

'Settle to your life now, where certainty abounds'.

St Sergius the Builder,  Nicholas Roerich

I spend a lot of time wondering and worrying about the future. With a Sagittarian Venus in aspect to Jupiter that's hardly surprising, but it's only recently I realised how much stress it actually causes. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius and has recently transited both those planets. All of  a sudden I began feeling calm, settled to where I am and what I'm doing, such an alien experience I had to sit down and work out why.

The boundless optimism and horizon scanning of Sagittarius actually takes up a lot of energy. And when so much of one's energy is projected into imagination and potentiality it leaves little for the everyday mundane tasks that are, let's face it, the foundation of our lives. We miss what is right under our noses because we are constantly plotting and planning and searching for something better, new or more exciting.  (Also one of the reasons Sagittarians get such a bad reputation in matters of the heart.) And while we are busy looking for what's coming we don't see our life going by without us.

When Saturn transits Sagittarius it places boundaries on that sign's expansiveness. And the house of your chart which contains Sagittarius is where you will feel it. If you're used to bounding ahead, prepare to be slowed down. If you resist the process all you'll get is frustrated and stressed. Take a while instead to consider the beauty and the benefits of what is here, now, all around you. Yes, the mountains out there are beautiful, but so is the garden here.

If it's your 3rd house, instead of wishing you were living somewhere else, stop and appreciate the place you are in now. See what can be manifested here, instead of longing for pastures new. In your 7th, it's about the friends and relationships you have now and what you can contribute and commit to them, rather than searching for new ones. In your 10th, firm up your career responsibilities and see how you can work smarter, instead of expanding or moving on. And so on.

If you can do this, in whatever area of your life this transit is happening, once Saturn moves on to Capricorn in two years time you'll find your life expanding for real, building on what you've been able to put in place now. Get your foundation right, and everything else will follow.

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